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Shine your light, kids club

Website Is Up

Jo has finally found some time to prepare a website so now we can publish articles and add all sorts of useful information. Bookmark https://www.mondoshawan.cz/ :o)

There is also the FB page: @MondoshawanKids where you can receive some social content and links to articles from us.

For those technically curious and curageous, read on…

Technical solution

The website is statically generated by Hexo on my PC before publishing. This eliminates the need for server side scripting so we can use a static webhost. Articles are written in popular markdown format and I’m using Typora for the ease of visual editing.

I keep track of my changes with Git, a version control system. If I make some silly mistake, I can go back in time. Git also helps me publish the content to GitHub. That’s a freemium Git repository provider. Like that I have an on-line backup and history of my work accessible from everywhere on the net.

The generated static html files are hosted by Netlify, also for free. The website is deployed automatically every time I push my commits to GitHub.

I have made my own theme for the website, but one could choose from the plenty of ready made themes. I’ve emplyed pug for the templating work. It takes away all those uggly confusing closing tags and uggly <’s and >’s… Just compare

<div class="right-side">
<div class="header">
<div class="logo-text-container">
<h1 class="logo config-block">Spolek Mondoshawan</h1>
<h2 class="slogan config-block">Shine your light, kids club</h2>


h1.logo.config-block Spolek Mondoshawan
h2.slogan.config-block Shine your light, kids club


Using open source software and freemium services, we have a neat web presence at very little cost. The only cash I’ve spent was on the domain name. Yp, it takes some geek time, roughly 8 hours, but I think it’s worth it. Once it is set up, non-geeks should be able to publish articles after a short training.

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